VFX design Bachelor of Fine Arts in Filmmaking

The Visual Effects Design (VFX) BFA is a 3-year course designed and hosted at the Norwegian Film School in Lillehammer, Norway. The VFX programme replicates a professional filmmaking environment and provides students with unique opportunities to step into a visual effects leadership role. The VFX programme is integrated into the BFA programme and collaborates closely with the other filmmaking disciplines offered at the school.

  • Location Lillehammer
  • Programme length 3 years
  • ECTS 180
  • Language Norwegian (Scandinavian)

All disciplines at the Norwegian Film School will spend approximately half their study time honing their craft in specialised workshops and studies. The other half is a combination of classes that build a common language and understanding of filmmaking among all disciplines and a series of production exercises in teams set by the school.

About the VFX Design programme

The emphasis of The Norwegian Film School’s VFX course is on developing students as practitioners of the art and technology of visual storytelling and collaborators in a film team. Over the course of the 3-year programme, the Visual Effects Design students will attend courses and take part in practical activities empowering them with strategic, artistic, technical, collaborative and entrepreneurial skills essential in film making.

Visual Effects artists and supervisors are encouraged to develop their visual storytelling skills while using a variety of computer visual effects techniques, including traditional drawing, 2D and 3D computer classes.

Through their growing roles as VFX artists and supervisors, students will gain a broad overview of traditional and digital concepts for image manipulation, understand the terminology and concepts in animation, computer graphics, compositing and colour grading. During filming, VFX students can be responsible for miniatures, special effects makeup, pyrotechnics, and 2nd unit shoots. During post production, the Visual Effects designers will work closely with other disciplines to support the film's storytelling objectives.

As Visual Effects designers, students will work on concept art, vfx previsualization, vfx budgeting and production, vfx supervision and vfx execution, all in the context of visual storytelling for film. With their ongoing side by side interactions with film directors, cinematographers, production designers, editors and producers, as well as film industry professionals leading a variety of relevant classes, students will be immersed in an environment conducive to making creative choices providing the best creative outcome for the films in which they play an essential creative role.