Bachelor of Fine Arts in Filmmaking

Our Bachelor of Fine Arts degree is an intensive 3-year programme in film, television and new platforms where the main focus is creating an environment for the development of students’ abilities of artistic expression and creation, and collaborative skills. We have nine different disciplines at the school — screenwriting, directing, producing, cinematography, scenography, visual effects design, editing, sound, and directing documentary. Eight disciplines admit six students every other year; the remaining one (visual effects design) admits three

The programmes require an excellent working knowledge of a Scandinavian language (Norwegian, Swedish or Danish) although some workshops and classes feature international guest instructors and are in English.

The BFA is a 3-year programme focussed on developing the individual artist within the context of the collaborative medium of film. Succesful completion of the programme leads to a BFA diploma worth 180 ects.

Candidates apply to one of 9 disciplines: screenwriting, fiction directing, documentary directing, producing, cinematography, production design, VFX design, editing, and sound. Over the course of the programme, students will work both within their discipline and in film teams set by the school.

All activities are obligatory and upon completion of the three years there is an examination of the individual students' professional skills, artistic expression, and critical reflection based upon the contribution to the final film. In addition, all disciplines with the exeption of fiction directing and producing present a personal prosjet highlighting their artistic abilites.

Applications to the programme are by entrance exams tailored to the different disciplines, and are conducted in Norwegian. Prospective candidates must have a strong command of Norwegian, Swedish, Danish in order to be considered.

Exchanges and international collaboration

The BFA programmes at the Norwegian Film School are structured in such a way that formal student exchange is not a possibility. With an integrated structure and focus on developing teamwork over time, students must follow the entire 3-year programme.

The film school is part of a number of international networks, and there are a series of short exchanges and courses arranged through these networks.

The next admissions will be in 2023, with application deadline early January 2023.