Creative Documentary Directing Bachelor of Fine Arts in Filmmaking

The Norwegian Film School's Documentary programme allows students to explore the personal and artistic documentary (as opposed to the journalistic documentary) both for the cinema and new platforms. Documentary students will work both alone and in teams with other departments.

  • Studiested Lillehammer
  • Studielengde 3 år
  • Studiepoeng 180
  • Språk Norsk (Skandinavisk)

Creative documentary direction is focused on the creative personal documentary – the film that challenges our understanding of reality through a personal interpretation of reality and emotionally engaging storytelling grounded in real life.

The documentary programme will give a solid understanding of the potential of audio-visual storytelling, gained through a combination of workshops and case studies as well as a number of production exercises. There is a strong focus on project development, on the development of a personal style, and on developing good leadership and collaborative skills. The documentary director should be able to work independently, in so-called "One Person One Camera" productions, as well as serve as artistic leader for an entire team. The director's task is to bring to life the film's expression through her/his own interpretation of reality. The director has the overall artistic responsibility for the film.