Fellowship programme for artistic research Artistic Research

The Norwegian PhD programme for artistic research, funded by the Ministry of Education, was established in 2003 in order to develop an arts-based alternative in line with the already established scientific doctoral programmes and now encompasses around 100 active PhD students at various institutions, including the Norwegian Film School at Innlandet University College.

Research Fellows at The Norwegian Film School (DNF)

Currently we have nine candidates in different stages of the programme:

Four candidates have so far completed their projects through the Fellowship programme for artistic research:

  • Screenwriter Ståle Stein Berg, former student at DNF, with the project "Skildring og forteljing. Ein grenseoppgang mellom filmens antipoder" ("Description and Story. Tracing the limits between the antipodes of cinema") (completed 2009)
  • Film and television director Trygve Allister Diesen with the project "Being the Director - Maintaining your Artistic Vision while Swimming with Sharks" (completed 2011)
  • Writer and theater director Siri Senje with the project "Å dikte for film - originalmanuskriptet som diktverk" ("Imagining For The Screen - The original screenplay as creative practice") (completed 2013)
  • Animator and artist Rafal Hanzl with the project "Ways of expression: the impact of VFX technology on modern storytelling in film and interactive media production" (completed 2019)

The future of the fellowship programme

In 2017, as a result of a public consultation on the future of the fellowship programme for artistic research, the Ministry of Education and Research established a separate PhD in artistic research. This degree will serve as an artistic parallel to academic PhD degrees and is the first doctoral degree based exclusively on artistic production and methods.

As of 01.01.2021, four institutions have established PhD degrees in artistic research: the Oslo Academy of the Arts, the Norwegian Academy of Music, the University of Bergen and NTNU. The Norwegian Film School is actively working to establish a collaboration on a shared PhD. in Artistic Research degree.