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My idiotic heart

Ida gets pregnant with her boyfriend, but realizes she doesn’t want the child. The fear of him leaving her if she shares her true feelings, makes her have an abortion in secret, while she makes him believe it was a miscarriage.


As a young woman, I encounter many opposing dreams and expectations from myself and my surroundings about becoming a mother. I think many can identify with being afraid of losing autonomy and, at the same time, wanting to create a family. I wanted to reflect on this confusion and doubt in Ida, which brings her into a paradox: She is afraid of being abandoned, and because of that, she does things in secret, which reinforces her loneliness. I hope that this film will create conversations about feelings and legal rights around abortion and that women who face this choice will feel met in a place where they can sometimes feel lonely.

-Emma Lund Rasmussen

Team contact info and bio:

Emma Lund Rasmussen (director), Emilie Bredtved Hansen (producer), Andreas Lübker (writer), Sophie Søborg Mosbæk (director of photography), Waad Amer (production designer), Andrea Rådahl (editor), Thomas Staugaard (sound), Braage Raassum (VFX)

  • Director Emma Lund Rasmussen
  • Producer Emilie H. Bredtved
  • Screenwriter Andreas Lübker
  • Director of Photography Sophie S. Mosbæk
  • Production Design Waid Abouamer
  • Editor Andrea Rådahl
  • Sound Thomas Staugaard
  • VFX Brage Raassum