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Artistic Research Café - Oct 25 2021: VIPROS

Welcome to Artistic Research Café at the Norwegian Film School for a discussion of the ramnifications of Virtual Production.

When & Where: Myrens Verksted in Oslo, Monday Oct 25th, 2-4 pm.

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Exploring Virtual Production -

Lessons learned in the VIPROS project

Meet Troels Linde, head of the international VIPROS project at The Norwegian Film School. In the upcoming talk, he will discuss how the combination of live-action footage and computer generated images affect teams and workflows and what new skills are needed to harness the powers of virtual production.


  • Troels Linde (VIPROS / The Norwegian Film School)

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Virtual Production is a creative concept that allows filmmakers to combine live-action footage and computer-generated images ( CGI ) in real-time. The combination can replace traditional "on-location” recordings with a combination of photo-realistic CGI environments produced by a game engine and state of the arts motion tracking technologies.

The CGI environments are responsive and displayed on large screens and transmitting tracking data from the camera to a game engine, which synchronises changes in perspective, lights and reflections, as the camera changes angles. This creates the illusion that the camera records reality, rather than a synthetic world and produces a life-like, spatial simulation. Employing the concept can radically enhance artistic freedom, save time and make film production more sustainable.

Virtual Production delivers important potential but also poses fundamental challenges to the practices of producers, artists and professionals in the film industry.

How does Virtual Production’s combination of linear and iterative routines affect teams and workflows? Are we making films, games or something in between and what do we need to do in order to harness the powers of this new and rapidly emerging phenomenon?

The VIPROS project is a collaboration between leading film, CGI and games educators, established to explore the concept and shed light on the opportunities and challenges it offers. During the project we produce prototypes, perform artistic tests and examine the evolving skillsets of the people involved.

Now, the first field tests of the VIPROS project are done and key insights are ready to be shared with the world. On the 25th of October, the Norwegian film school invites you to a conversation on how to sort the ramifications of Virtual Production and bolt on new skills for the new opportunities delivered by this emerging concept.

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Troels Linde, Head of the Erasmus+ KA2 project “Virtual Production Studies” ( VIPROS )

More about our guest:

Troels Linde graduated as VFX / sequence director from The National Film School of Denmark and has worked across film and interactive media for decades. He co-founded the Omen interactive media company, producing for Buena Vista, Philips, Bang & Olufsen, National Broadcaster, DR, et al. He has worked as CEO at a tech. company, overseeing Motion Capture based productions and worked as IP conceptualiser. In parallel, he has held positions as; Senior Lecturer at Uppsala University, where he also was exec. producer of games and policy-maker conference "the Debates"; he was Head of School at the European Cross Media Academy and is currently Professor in ”Innovation for film in the field of Producing” at the Norwegian Film School, Inland Norway University of applied Sciences ( DnF ).

As part of his work, he is also responsible for externally funded projects at the DnF. In this capacity, he currently heads the Erasmus+ KA2 project “Virtual Production Studies” ( VIPROS ).

Monday Oct 25th at 2 PM UTC+01 – 5 PM UTC+01

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Troels Linde foto TL

Troels Linde, Head of the Erasmus+ KA2 project “Virtual Production Studies” ( VIPROS )

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