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Selected for Cannes’ festival XR development showcase

VR experience “The space between us”, created by Norwegian Film School Artistic Research Fellow Nadja Lipsyc, funded by the Norwegian Film School through its Centre for Excellence in Film and Interactive Media Arts, CEFIMA, and produced by Norwegian studio Evil Doghouse, has been selected among over hundreds of submissions to be part of Cannes’ festival XR development showcase, along with 22 other projects.

(The Marché du Film, Kaleidoscope and The Museum of Other Realities have partnered this year, in order to adapt to the particular international situation, to reshape groundbreaking event online and in virtual reality.)

Nadja Lipsyc and the Norwegian film school will be representing Scandinavian cyberpunk at the virtual festival with this VR experience for 2 players, that puts the players in the shoes of two siblings, separated on two different planets during the ecological collapse.

“The space between us mixes graphic adventure game with roleplaying. We want to explore what VR does best: connecting with others, and transporting us to places we could never see otherwise” says game director Lipsyc. “We are not asking our players to save the world as though it was a puzzle or an escape room, we want to offer them means to connect to each other and to cope with the environmental situation.”

About the game director: Nadja Lipsyc is an experience director and art researcher at the Centre for Excellence in Film and Interactive Media Arts (CEFIMA) of the Norwegian Film School. With a background in live action roleplaying, video games design, experimental theatre, neuroscience and audio-visual production, her current research revolves around roleplaying in Virtual Reality and exploring meaningful engagement in participatory and immersive experiences.

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Experience Director, Producer: Nadja Lipsyc
Co-writer: Martin Nielsen
Technical Artist / Vr Experimentalist: Rikke Jansen
Vr Architect: Kim-baumann Larsen
Sound Designer/composer: Martin Kvale
Producer: Ingrid Nordby
Produced by: Evil Doghouse

Genre: Cyberpunk, Environmental, Family, Futuristic, Politics, Psychological, Role playing, Science-fiction
Format: Exhibition
Running time: 5 minutes
Projected production date: Autumn 2020
Country: NO Language: English
Play area: Room scale
Number of players: Co-op
Built with: Unreal, Unity, Gravity Sketch
Compatibility: Vive Distribution: Various

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